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Beauty Entrepreneur. Media Personality.

Kahlua Parker, Head Beauty In Charge

​Kahlua Parker Beauty, INC.

Media Personality Kahlua Parker is a myriad of artistic experiences from makeup artistry, costume design, to hosting on Hollywood red carpets events.  In 2014, the Kahlua Parker Beauty officially launched its first skin care product line called Chocolate Radiance. The primary goal for her namesake brand is to provide an elite and unique experience through both products and services.


Kahlua is often found immersing herself in various projects—diving headfirst into thematic hair &                                                                                                         makeup, research, production, and fine-tuning  the details of the stories she feels worthy of                                                                                                                     telling.                                                                                                          


They may not know how to spell my name.

They may not know how to pronounce my name. 

They may not remember my name.

They will however remember how I made them feel.



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