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Kahlua's Konfessions Volume 1


Beauty Entrepreneur Kahlua Parker LE, MUA, gives readers an intimate behind the scene story of her love and obsession of beauty, fashion, and film industry. With each decades comes new trends, Kahlua's elegant style and opulent beauty remains timeless.  

From the late 90s into the new century, Kahlua Artistry has evolved into other areas of within the arts. She begins to make her mark in Hollywood. She shares rare and awkward artistic photos that formed the beauty creative we see today. 

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I Love You But I'm Stupid


The mask and gloves are coming off.


We’re proud to announce our first published book called I Love You But I'm Stupid. Based on a true story of love, truth, and lies. A fresh and original book experience that you don’t want to miss.  An intimate narration from a woman in love in with the wrong man. We have ideas, feelings, and thoughts of what we think is the perfect cookie cutter relationship until the real truths are revealed.

'I Love You But I'm Stupid ' is a unique book written to inspire hope, and restore real intimacy after being in an toxic relationship. At the end of each chapter, I challenge you to look within yourself and answer a few questions truthfully in order to fill in your relationship blank. I love you but I'm...


Pearls Of Wisdom

Remembering those candid moments and reminiscing on those awkward talks between a mother and her only child.  


We share our stories with warmth and transparency of faith, family, fitness, finance, and fun. Laughing through our tears has helped improved both our lives and overall relationships. 

Antique Jewelry Set


Beauty On Lockdown:
The Glamdemic of 2020


Based on a true story of betrayal, real truths, fake love, and priceless moments of joy. Haley Paterson is a successful wedding planner for Calabasas elite high society; she still suffers from the only child syndrome. Haley has the smarts of her mother, and the hustle of streets from her dad.  After returning from a week long baecation with mister wrong, Haley gets a call from the hospital that her mother has suddenly died. Why hasn't anyone called her before now? 

Her father went into hiding from his past to keep from exposing himself and the church family secrets.

With the church folks lies floating around in her head, Haley doesn't know who to believe, them or God.  Equipped with a heart in one hand, a revolver in the other hand, and Haley's favorite scripture on the dashboard, this once innocent daddy's little girl sets out on a deadly revenge mission to find out what really happened to her mother. 

New books coming this fall.

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