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A Pre-Super Bowl Spiritual Touchdown

The city of Los Angeles particularly the city of Inglewood has been in a uproar all week for the upcoming Super Bowl Xi. The SOFI stadium is said to be expanded to hold over one hundred thousand fans on Sunday, February 13th, 2022. Besides Sunday being my day of rest and spiritual rejuvenated, the church I attend New Dawn Evangelistic Ministries COGIC was also celebrating thirteen years in the ministry. Pastor J.A.C is a penominal speaker, and scholar of the word. I invite you to attend in-person or online at New Dawn Church Facebook page.

Per the hospitality Queen that I am, I usually greet the visitors, or read the announcements on Sunday mornings. As part of the Hospitality / Pastor's Aide committee, I also make sure the guest pastor, and churches are in need of anything. For several years, I have had a desire to learn sign language. Recently I was given the opportunity to participate on program as a praise dancers. I was nervous but so up for the challenge. With only four to 6 weeks of practice, many hours of prayer, and a few pain pills I was ready for game day.

Click here for Just Kahlua Praise Dance Performance * Fast-forward to 27:21

Click here to watch Just Kahlua The Hospitality Queen * Fast-forward to 36:40

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