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Get To Know The Woman Behind The Beauty Brand

I'm usually behind the scene making people look and feel beautiful using all kinds of my luxury goodies. Post-Pandemic, I've had to pivot my company and become more visual. I created a new YouTube channel to showcase my on-air correspondent skills, build an authentic audience from scratch, and demonstrations on how to use Kahlua Parker Beauty products. So back to recording YouTube videos.

Here's a link to my old YouTube channel Lusso 101 just in case you want to be petty. LOL.

Fast-forward to the 2000's, Kahlua Parker Beauty Entrepreneur & Founder of Kahlua Parker Beauty has expanded into other areas of beauty, hospitality, and marketing.

Just Kahlua will be going LIVE on her new YouTube channel answering only twenty two questions from our beauty society, followers, and friends.

Go behind the skin, and get to know the beauty behind the brains.

Comment below your questions.

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