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Just Kahlua: A Conscious Beauty

A Conscious Beauty is a simple, sexy, and clean makeup look. Think of it as the 'No Makeup Look' on a diet. Just remember the 3 C's; Cleanse, Correct, Conceal. Let your natural skin effortlessly speak for you.

The Unveiling of New Skin Kahlua has begun.

I am Kahlua Parker.

I am Madam K.

I am Just Kahlua.

When Yahweh + science + beauty get shaken up = Kahlua the 'Intoxicating' Beauty Parker.

Skin: The Glamdemic Collection Hair: Marley Gang

Makeup: 3 coats of Black Mascara

Nails: Baby Pink Nail Polish

The Glamdemic Beauty Essentials

I may be flawed but skin is perfect. - Beauty Entrepreneur Kahlua Parker, LE, MUA, LNT

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xoxo, Just Kahlua

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