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Bougie Nails LA by Just Kahlua

The break down of the Bougie.

Bougie Nails LA is a luxury nail enhancements business that I started out as a necessity to the glamdemic. Since I was not able to service most of my clients in-person, I focused on the need to feel pretty despite how bad my cuticles looked. Just Kahlua can now offer a full range of services from skin prep, hair & makeup, and nail enhancements.

Just Kahlua is a Nail Technician that provides a range of beauty services and skincare treatments: Manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, Gel-X enhancements, and most recently press on nails.

Bougie Nails LA by Just Kahlua is brand of opulent press-on nails that I create and design using various nail techniques, designer foils, stickers, glitter, and color acrylics.

- Just Kahlua x Bougie Nails LA -

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