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Happy Birthday HBIC Kahlua Parker

I may be flawed but makeup is perfect. - Beauty Entrepreneur Kahlua Parker, LE, MUA, LNT

Thank God I do not look like what seven years in business have put me through. With the plenty of hydration, hemp, and pure happiness I made it to year seven.

Celebrate another year of life with me and the Kahlua Parker Beauty family.

Just Kahlua Mood: #Forever33

Skin: The Glamdemic Collection Makeup: Madam K Red She Said lipstick Nails: Get Nandi On My Honeymoon by Opi Polish

Scent: Miss Dior by Dior

Accessories: 1460 Inspired Doc Marteens

When Opulent Skin + Radiant Beauty + Elite Lifestyle = The KPB Brand

My saved, sexy and sanctified beauty staples I can not live without.

Opulent skin +

I formulated an anti-aging skincare serum to help soften my pre-mature fine lines and wrinkles. My Forever 33 Rose Glow Oil keeps my skin firm and my deep hued complexion luminous.

Radiant Beauty +

I would not be thee Kahlua Parker without a classic Hollywood Starlet red lip. Glossy or Matte? Thee perfect semi matte red lipstick that demands attention on any face appropriately named Madam K Red She Said.

Elite Lifestyle +

Everything is NOT meant for Everybody. I'm a bougie, moody foodie. Food is an experience. I am an emotional eater that doesn't look up to any celebrity beauty standards. I am the beauty standard. Unlike baby Jesus, I can't continue to dine at the table with those who have betrayed me. Thus the pandemic weight lose. Still healthy, happy and hydrated.

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