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Just Kahlua x A Bougie Christmas

Hey Bougies Beauties!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! and Seasons Seasons Greetings!

After several nights of communion, crying, and talking to Yahweh, I boldly decided to get back on YouTube. My NEW Youtube Channel name is Just Kahlua. You may see some old throwback videos on this new channel as well. Don't be alarmed it's Just Kahlua x the throwback version.

The purpose of this platform is share all my bougie obsessions with skin, makeup, food, and lifestyle. With gas almost five dollars a gallon during this pandemic; a girl can dream right? Subscribe and daydream with me on YouTube.

Click here to watch Just Kahlua on her old YouTube channel Lusso101.

Subscribe. Share. Shop.

All Things Just Kahlua.


Just Kahlua

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