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Just Kahlua x Forever 33

It is time for your skin to GLOW UP!

As I was rolling my eyes and swing my neck back and forth at my mom, she would often say "Beauty is what beauty does".

In keeping with my mom's skin legacy, I created a luxurious facial oil infused with rose extract and other nourishing skin oils called the Kahlua Parker Beauty Rose Glow Facial Oil.

Key Benefits:

  • Restores your luminous glow back into your complexion

  • Smooths & Firm skin texture

  • Soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

With each passing sunset, I honor and celebrate you and your life's legacy. You were such a beacon of light to each darkened souls you encountered.

When you shared victorious testimonies of your miraculous encounters with God, people's lives begin to glow up!

Olevia was known to the church folks as Miss. O, to the family and the hood as Ms. Ruby, and to the world she was a spiritual M.O.M.

Click the highlight links in this blog post to SHOP The Forever 33 Collection now.

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