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Welcome Back Los Angeles

Welcome back Californians!

Now we can safely dine, and socialize indoors and outdoors with limited compacity and no mask; if you have been fully vaccinated. Since I am licensed professional that works directly with the pubic, I will continue to be cautious and wear protective gear as I would any other day. The State Board Of Cosmetology has a strict sanitation guideless. The skin is the largest organ in your body. Your skin holds and releases toxins from your body through out the day. Daily cleansing and washing of your entire body is not only essential but necessary for your total health.

Since March of 2020, California has been on lockdown due to the national outbreak of the deadly corona virus. With only five days before the summer season begins, Los Angeles and I are more than ready to reopen. The restaurants, salons, bars, gyms, and other public service careers were hit the hardest. Its funny how we took these simple outing for granted when the nation as a whole was told to safely quarantine. Cross contamination was highly unknown leaving popular ride share services and public bus lines even more skeptical of transporting riders.

Summer is the time to truly appreciate the life and culture of Southern California. A true West LA native and self-proclaimed 'Valley Girl', I cant wait to enjoy some amazing food and a good cocktail under a heat lamp while watching a priceless, classic Cali sunset. From the beaches to the valleys, from the mountains to deserts; celebrate you and your life wherever you are.

What are your summer plans for 2021?

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