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Yep The HBIC is Booked & Busy

Head Beauty In Charge: Kahlua 'The Intoxicating' Beauty Parker

CEO. CFO. Founder. Black Beauty Entrepreneur.

Taking this black friday to appreciate me, the HBIC of my life and all my beautifully imperfections.

The whispers and sublimatal conversations about me had me taking time to be busy doing my work; perfecting me.

Yep this my busy.

I’m busy telling myself I’ll be okay. Maybe not in the way most people understand.

I'm busy taking deeper breaths to keep me from killing you with my words.

I'm busy silencing my irrational thoughts.

I’m busy building a beauty empire with bricks you threw at me. @kahluaparkerbeauty

I'm busy calming a racing heart getting pampered at @BougieNailsLA

I’m busy healing my wounds at @TheSuiteLifeHollywood

I’m busy smiling through my tears being @justkahlua a bougie beauty.

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